Through This Fight (2010)

1. Calling Out Video
2. Through This Fight Video
3. Hold On
4. February's Calling Video
5. With You    
6. Last Goodbye Video
7. Waiting On Tomorrow
8. At Quick Glance
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In The Current (2008)

1. Material Stress Video
2. Hands Up
3. Something Special
4. Battlefield Video
5. Simple Reality   Video
6. Pure
7. Yesterday
8. Push Aside
9. Your Distraction
10. So Much More    

Redefine The Sound (2004)

1. Enough to Go On
2. Mic Is Mine
3. Could It Be
4. Take On My World  
5. Nothing Is Left    
6. Blindside Groove
7. One Day
8. For the Tears
9. Any Other
10. It's On   Video


Through This Fight - A.V. Club Milwaukee
The insistence that truly retro rock be taken with a grain of irony is something inherent to ’80s reproduction. But with the ’90s growing ever more distant in the rear-view mirror, the time for earnest dedication to the alternative rock paradigm is also slowly ticking away. Good thing for 20 Reasons Taken that it jumped on the bandwagon long before uncoolness was in sight, so its spot-on impersonation of vintage ’90s post-grunge rockers like Sponge and Eve 6 should be grandfathered in on the group’s 2010 release, Through This Fight. And while the mopiness hangs heavy on some songs, breezy power-poppers like “Calling Out” will get heads nodding. The populist band recently found its music backing a promo video for Summerfest—not surprisingly, attendees of tonight’s show will walk away with a free ticket to the festival’s opening day.

Through This Fight - Maximum Ink (Sal Serio) - February 2011
Milwaukee area poppy hard-rockers, 20 Reasons Taken, have just put out their third release, Through This Fight. While the group sometimes brings a hip-hop element to their jams, this CD is all rock ‘n’ roll.

The eight songs featured define the pop-rock manifesto of concise, no-frills arrangements. Hyper-pulsed drumming and layered guitar tracks punctuate their crunchy new rock sound, which is driven by vocalist Mison Bones’ emotive singing. At times, Bones’ vocalizing brings to mind some surprising associations to the bygone pop rock/new wave era.

Bones and his three tunesmith co-conspirators take a more sensitive approach to their music via real singing (rather than screaming), intelligent and thought provoking lyrics, staccato rhythms, galloping yet shifting tempos, and tasty lead guitar fills that avoid the typical metal shredding cliché. The music still sounds tough even given the more tempered edge that their brand of hard rock displays. A solid recording, mixing, and mastering job by Whit at DNA Studios brings all of these unique qualities shimmering to the surface of Through This Fight ’s listening experience.

Live Review - Sonicbids (Tess)
20 Reasons Taken from Milwaukee, WI. Just a real solid rock band here. No joke, the drummer, Brad Schwechel, was one of the finest I’ve ever seen live.


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